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     Quick post about what I’ve learned the last few weeks since I’ve started blogging about the NBA. First thing I’ve noticed is the fact that there is never a lack of stories to be told during the season. Whenever a large group of people are paid lots of money to perform in front a … Continue reading

Just What the Kids in Akron Need

In case you haven’t heard yet, LeBron James thinks its a good idea to start up his own kid’s cartoon show. I’m all for sports shows (Mighty Ducks Animated Series was the jam), but why now LeBron? Wait till after you leave Akron and Cleveland residents to have your cartoon ego come back to Ohio. … Continue reading

CCSN: Interview

If you go to any Christian College and try to follow the sports, you know sometimes the information and stats are lacking. Luckily, if you follow a team in the NCCAA Division II, the Christian College Sports Network is there. Scores, stats, rankings, and other goodness is all found at ccssnonline.com. I was able to … Continue reading

History Lesson: The Biggest Injustice in NBA History

I’m going to throw out two stat lines: Player A, and Player B. Player Age G MP FG FGA FG% FT FTA FT% TRB AST PF PTS Player A 25 80 48.5 20.0 39.5 .506 10.4 17.0 .613 25.7 2.4 1.5 50.4 Player B 27 76 45.2 7.6 16.6 .457 3.8 6.3 .595 23.6 4.5 … Continue reading

Melo: The Loveable Second Choice

I ❤ NY; and apparently, NY ❤ Melo. In a blockbuster trade that the guy who live under a rock (wassup Geico?) heard of, Carmelo Anthony has left his Denver Nuggets to join up with Amare Stoudamire and the New York Knicks. Let me tell you something, Valentines Day, might be gone, but the love … Continue reading

On Changing Zip Codes

Welcome to the NBA. As I watch Carmelo’s first NBA home game not played in Denver, Colorado, I’m reminded of how this league works: players come and go. And that is why fans today have become less team based and more player oriented. Is it our fault when we fall in love with a Tracy … Continue reading

The Griffin: The Best Coaster Ride in the West

Blake Griffin has had a roller coaster career. Yes, you read that correctly. In his second year since he was drafted, he has already felt both the highs and lows of a NBA career. In fact, his career seems to be that of the 2007 NBA Draft, mainly the first two picks that year.   … Continue reading

No More Darkness, Cause the Lights is On

Let’s begin with me. First off, let me tell you what I am not. I am not 6 foot 5 or any other significant height. I have never been on a basketball team since I turned 15. If you saw me on the street would you think (that is, if you even noticed me) that … Continue reading